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Lonesome Valley

by Mundy's Bay

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Goodbye 03:08
I said goodbye But I still feel you in the night You’re a bright light coming through my window You’re here now and then you’re gone I feel your ghost in the morning Not knowing where to go I feel your soul I feel your soul Don’t turn away You know with me you’re always welcome to stay Take me to the garden If you’re lost I’ll show you the right way
Seasons Pass 02:49
Staring out the window watching the season pass It feels so fast I walk along the edge of a concrete pool Trying not to think of you You’re the water in the park You’re the passing cars You are with me on the train You’re in my picture frames You’re with me in my reflection Do you see me in yours? Let’s watch the world pass by Together in the sun of the windows I could see you smile just for a while And you leave just like you arrived In the blink of an eye Do you see me in your picture frames? Can you hear me in the falling rain?
Wash Over Me 03:07
I feel the heaviness Of the water around me As I sink deeper your love consumes me Take me where the sun kisses the sea That’s where I feel your love Wash over me Pull me down below into the deep I need to feel your love Surround me I bathe in the quiet I lay in the dark Floating to you I can feel your heart
Heavy Bloom 03:01
Take me to a field of flowers Lay me down to rest in them In harmony and heavy bloom You’re a desert in my eyes Warm and vast Deep and silent You’re so different from the rest Walk with me among the heavens Break me Count the roses as they fall away In harmony and heavy bloom
In the darkest room All I see is you I’m beside myself I float to the sky See the rain outside Feel you in the night When I wake up all I think of is you You’re a hurricane And I’m the sea Waiting for a strong wind that will push you Closer to me I can hear your whisper in the rain outside Counting your voice every drop at a time I’ve never been so low Every melody brings your memory I count the minutes that pass by every day Feel the warmth of spring changing everything I think I heard your voice coming from the sky
Dreams 02:57
I dream about you now Breathing heavy tired now Climbing mountains in my sleep And you are at the peak You can barely see me ‘Cause I am underneath You are where I want to be I climb so high but you can’t see me And there’s one thing that I know You are where I want to go I think about you now So far off the ground I could feel you in the breeze But you were at the peak You could barely see me ‘Cause I was underneath Do you think of me While you’re climbing in my dreams?
People always told me about you When you were younger Scraping your knees screaming for love And now you’re cold And you can’t see how you’re beautiful And now I catch myself whispering things in my head to you Unintentional I watch the season pass From a window in the shade I wither away A shadow from above A gifted swinging love comes over me I could tell by your lack of grace I’m in the wrong place You’re a vision in the night swiftly passing by And now you’re cold And you can’t see how you’re beautiful And now I catch myself whispering things in my head to you Unintentional
I met you in the summertime I don’t know you anymore The cold is here now And you’re knocking at my door And you’ve fallen From the sky From so high I see the sunlight in your eyes ‘Cause heavens close when you’re around You lift me high above the ground I can almost taste it in my mouth I pick you up in my arms and we walk across the water I feel as though you’re different now But I don’t ask I don’t bother I see the sunlight in your eyes It lifts me up towards the sky
Pick me flowers from the side of the road Stop and see me on your way home Greet me with your smile Hope you stay a while with me Sunlight kisses your eyelids I feel your warmth all around me Tell all my friends goodbye I’ll see them in a while Don’t wake me from this dream I’m living in I’ll sleep away the summer To be with you
Moonlight 04:24
Take the pressure off your eyes Sink into my skin Pick the flowers off my heart Maybe I’ll let you in Take time Settle down Did you hear that sound of my heart? It’s shimmering Moonlight shimmers bright This night everything’s alright In a while take it slow Show me everything you’re gonna know ‘Cause you’re gone away Gone away to find you in a place so Far away Far away these things have got a hold on me Gone away before you lay me down to bed Please believe you’re in my head You’re wandering and blue Nothings changing you I can still feel your echo in the room
Think of the way that you carry yourself when your heart breaks Think of the way you feel inside out And the sun begins to fade I lost it all I lost it all Didn’t mean to pull you under When I was sinking Didn’t mean to drag you down with me in the dark But I know you’ll find your way out ‘Cause I see the light in you I can’t see in myself I don’t know where to go from here When I feel upside down The air is cold and it’s dark in the day Please help me down


released March 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Mundy's Bay Montreal, Québec

Esther Mulders
John Donnelly
Willy Love
Vic Beaudoin

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